I was approached by "Nando's" a hot sauce company that is based in South Africa about doing a mural for a 10 day pop up dinner party they were doing to launch the sauce in Atlanta. "Nando's" is the number one selling hot sauce in South Africa, the United Kingdom & Australia and they are slowly taking over the U.S. market. They recently landed in Atlanta. The task of the project was to collaborate with Nicola Lourens, the designer for Nando's in South Africa to create a mural representing how the sauce made you feel. After many early morning meetings in Atlanta (which meant early afternoon meetings in South Africa) Nicola & I came up with the concept below. This was a really unique illustration collaboration that turned into a giant 30 ft tall mural and it took a total of about 4 days with myself & a team to paint this huge sauce man. It is located on the Atlanta Beltline, 151 Sampson St. I had a real blast painting it! 

 Photo by  Chucky Kahng

Photo by Chucky Kahng