A tiny man for Atlanta Magazine

Posted on by Barry Lee

A few weeks ago the folks at "Atlanta Magazine" asked me to do a very tiny spot illustration for a short little column about raising funds for local theater. When clients usually come up to me about work they let me run with ideas based on the article that was presented with me, this was no different. I whipped up three sketches. Some were a little more complex for just a one inch illustration.


The first idea I had was a dollar bill body builder (or "billder") who was carrying a little stage with a ballerina on it. For the second idea, the article featured a quote where they mention that the funding was the wind to the sails. I decided to make a "director captain" of a boat with a dollar bill sail and waves of coins. The hat has the classic "drama masks" on it and he is also carrying a director's mega phone. This proved to be too much in terms of the size of the illustration being published.

The final sketch I sent (the one they used) was of one of those classic opera viking singers but instead of holding a shield it's holding a coin and a few dollar bills. The stage is also a small coin. Below is the sketch and the final product. I went to see the illustration in person and it is pretty tiny but pretty cool. 

Thanks again "Atlanta Magazine" !